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Halo Soap Review #1

I mentioned I would do a long-term review on the products I purchased from Halo Soap (long-term, since they’re skincare products). Here what I bought: 

Tea Tree Soap BarTea Tree Acne TonerTea Tree Acne Serum

And here’s what I think so far:

First off, I really love how everything smells. My mom warned me that the tea tree oil might be overpowering, but I really like it, particularly the body soap (which can also be used on your face, but I don’t recommend it). 

  • Tea Tree & Charcoal Soap Bar: It says you can use this on your face, but I don’t recomend it; it just feels too “squeaky”, and I feel it might be too harsh for use on your face. That being said, it’s my favorite thing from this purchase! I have acne on both my chest and back, and I’ve tried many different products. So far, this seems to actually be clearing things up, and it also smells good (duh). It also seems like it’s going to last me a while (I was worried it would all dissolve in just a few washes) but it’s really well-made, and I have high hopes for it. 
  • Tea Tree Acne Toner: Not entirely sure why I bought this, as I’ve never used a toner before (except during my brief battle with Proactiv) but it was recommended, so I thought I’d give it a try, and I have this to say about it so far: It burns. Now, it warns that it will for the first few uses, but I didn’t expect it to hurt so close to tears, and I’m not even using very much. I will say that when I’m finished applying it with the cotton ball, there is obvious gunk from my face, so it seems to be doing something. Only time will tell. 

  • Tea Tree Acne Serum: This is the product I’m having the hardest time with. I have very oily skin. It says to use only 1 pump, and I’ve been using even less than that, but I still feel “slimy” for a long time after use, and I’ve noticed some zits popping up in places I haven’t had them for a long time. I’m just wondering if it’s too much oil for someone with oily skin. Note: I don’t notice the oily feeling unless I touch my face after use, and it’s like this even hours after I’ve applied. It just doesn’t seem to absorb well.

So that’s what’s up so far. I definitely recommend the soap bar for right now, but the rest is going to require a little more time. I’ve been using it all for about a week, so we’ll see.

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